Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Holy Man

I am trying something new for the next few posts. I’ll write a little story (an exercise in creativity) and ask a few questions that might help loosen up some old stuck beliefs (hopefully). I hope you enjoy the stories and uncover stuff that helps you move forward!

He stood there tall and somewhat distinguished. Even in his worn out clothes that had seen better days, he shined. No one could tell what it was exactly about him that made him different and easy on the eyes. Wherever he went, people gathered around him, they wanted to be near him. He had a peaceful and knowing presence. There was nothing arrogant or unwelcoming about him. He was real and when you saw him, you felt real too. His demeanor was that of Mr. Darcy’s (Pride and Prejudice), yet his choices had been more like Sydney Carton’s (A Tale of Two Cities). He walked on air because nothing was holding him down. He had given everything up and had fallen through the cracks of the 3-D reality he lived in. He had nothing and yet it seemed like he had everything.

She straightened herself in her chair as she motioned for him to come to her table. His whole face broke into a huge smile as he walked over to her. She found herself nervous and stumbling on her words. This was crazy, she had conducted hundreds of interviews during the course of her successful career as a journalist. Why would this guy be any different? She straightened herself again and began the way she always had with the people she interviewed, yet she was keenly aware of his presence. He wasn’t intimidating or creepy, he was just so alert and present, she wasn’t sure how to deal with that. It forced her to become present too. She decided to let go of her old ways and just relax into it. She leaned back, put down her pen, and melted into her chair as she breathed in the golden light that seemed to be emanating from him.

Questions to ponder:
1) What are some qualities that you find attractive in people? How do you think they attained them?
2) What is it that you wish you had more of or less of? What would you have to give up to be that way?
3) What do you think someone who had never met you and had to interview you, would say about you after that first meeting?


Gabriela Abalo said...

1 – people that feel comfortable in their own skin.
They attain that confidence by loving themselves for just who they are. They don’t waste time trying to be as others want them to be.

2 –I’m still work in progress and that is fine, there is nothing to give up, it is a matter of embracing the change.

3 – no clue, the way I see myself is totally different from the way others see me. Many times I can’t even believe they are talking about me. I guess I need to start believing on what they said, but sometimes it seems too good to be true.


Sherry Bakhtian said...

Thanks Gabi for sharing your answers. I too find true inner confidence quite irresistible!