Friday, March 13, 2009

Ten Reasons to Get a Puppy

This post is all I could write after 5 days of having our puppy. So here goes…

1. Recapturing being a first time parent: if you’ve ever had children and now they’re grown, you may think you’ve forgotten what it was like when they were babies, well having a dog will bring back all of those memories…

2. At this time in our history, when everything is upside down, you’ll bring a lot of unconditional love back into your life.

3. It gets you out of your head, because you’ll do anything to make sure they don’t do their business on your rugs or floors.

4. When they learn to potty outside, you feel like you are king of the world.

5. You’ll get to enjoy your back yard at 2 AM when you’re out for a potty break.

6. It helps you get over your: germ phobia, control freakish tendencies, issues with bad odors, etc.

7. They are a built in excuse for having a messy house.

8. They are a built in excuse for not getting anything done.

9. Fresh air plus exercise: they keep you moving in and out of your house.

10. At the end of the day, you sleep like a baby.

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