Monday, October 13, 2008

Manifesting Detachment

The global economic crisis is doing a number on all of us. Some of us are affected directly by losing our jobs, savings, homes, etc. Some of us are in fear of losing those things. Some of us are losing our livelihood as a consequence of others losing theirs. And on and on it goes. Many of us are panicking and are angry at the injustice of it all. Those of us in the U.S. who are facing an election are now looking at the two choices we have in a different way. Regardless of ideology or political affiliation, we are asking ourselves who will be more likely to get us out of this mess and bring us back our sense of security and prosperity. Some just want things to go back to the way they were, as if this never happened. Some are questioning the whole system and wondering how this could have happened. Some want justice done, and someone to pay for their loss.

It really is no different than a typical and traditional family drama on a grand scale with many involved. In a family drama, there are the directly involved members and those who are involved by association, family bonds, or just a sense of righteousness. The only people who are immune from the drama are those who know about it, are in the middle of it, but are not attached to any one side or outcome. They are the objective observers. They are the ones who can see how this happened, how everyone participated in it, and how no one person is to blame because it is a collective contribution to the drama. Usually, in a family situation, the person(s) who is not attached is known as the wise one(s). The one(s) everyone wants to get on their side, because they are the ultimate vote so to speak. That wise voice is the one everyone listens to and respects. The wise one(s) can even look at the drama as an opportunity to change the way things were, create new, more meaningful relationships, communicate to those we never did before, etc.

Who are the wise ones today in this crisis we are facing together on the planet? Who is being an observer detached from the outcome(s)? Who is not blaming any one side, but sees this as a collective participation in creating the grandest drama of our times? And more importantly, who is looking at this as an opportunity to create something truly grand for the good of all? Who is willing to not point fingers, but take responsibility to change and start from scratch to create a system that makes sense? Who is going to change the way they’ve always operated and thought about things in order to live a more balanced, responsible and fulfilled life? Ultimately, no matter how you look at what has happened, it is a result of many imbalances in the system. If we all commit to living a balanced existence on every level, take responsibility for ourselves, our needs and our shortcomings then collectively we are bringing balance into the consciousness of the planet. This huge personal act on every person’s part can only help in the evolution of consciousness. It is time for us to live responsible lives regardless of who we think we are. This situation is affecting all of us, and so all of us need to change to make a collective contribution to the change we want.

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