Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Manifesting Balance

When I look into what got us to this place, I hear chants of “more, more, more”. In fact, it is a chant that has been yelled and carried out by mass consciousness for decades. I hear it in the corporations who want bigger numbers year after year. "If we don’t produce, the consequences will be dire: no bonus, no pay increase, or even loss of a job". And of course, the consequences are always worse for those at the bottom of the totem pole while those at the very top are barely touched except for by their own cancerous desire for more. So, if I had to tell a story it would go something like this: there was once a giant that had been afflicted by a disease. The giant did not quite understand how he got this disease, nor did he care about why he felt the way he did. It is as if he forgot he even had a disease! He kept on demanding more from the little slaves that served him. The slaves ran around like armies of soldiers obeying their orders: “more, more, more” yelled the giant. The slaves were very good at getting the giant what he wanted and managing to save some for themselves. They were afraid of the giant and never questioned his demands. This went on for years and years, the giant got bigger and bigger and more demanding than ever. The slaves were bigger too, but they could not do any more, they started running out of food because instead of looking for new kinds of food or planting new seeds or inventing new things, they were eating the same food until it ran out. Now, no one had any food, not the giant, nor the slaves. The story has not ended yet, the ending is yet to be written.

If you step even further back from this story and go to the core reason for the giant’s disease or unconsciousness, it has to do with a flawed belief. It comes from the belief that you don’t have enough and only if you had more you’d be satisfied. It comes from a lack of trust in oneself and one’s own sovereignty. Now, I am not saying that we are all 100% self-sufficient, obviously we have certain needs and desires. Also, there is a healthy hunger to advance in life which is not what I am writing about either. I am writing about when the healthy cells turn cancerous and out of control and when we hear the news about corporations and CEO's and their salaries and lifestyles in comparison to what any human would need, we can see the disproportionate insanity of it all. And again, this would all be just an experience in greed except that it cost even those CEO's their concept of SELF. How truly powerful and sovereign are you if you need all that wealth? And they passed on this lack of self-trust to those under them and on and on it went. The giant and the slaves believed that they did not have enough and there was not enough. In one sense they were right, there was not enough. Not enough of what they wanted anyway.

In my practice I see marriages falling apart at an unusually high frequency. However, what is even more surprising is that these clients are actually happy. They are happy that they don’t need this other person anymore. They are free, even if the consequences include: less money, no security, unknown future, etc. Now that they are liberated from the chains of a dysfunctional marriage, they finally feel free to be themselves. They are free from the self-imposed need to be with another. And I also hear from friends within my community, open and honest conversations among people who would have never admitted to troubles in the past. There is a sense of freedom that is emerging from the destruction of the systems that we so loyally trusted. Perhaps it is an existential realization that we are more than what we have, who we are related to, and where we live. But we are not all at the same place in this journey. There are many of us still, panicked and holding on to the rubble and the illusions of the past, hoping to blink ourselves out of a bad dream. Fortunately, awakening to the reality of who we are and how truly powerful we are, is not an illusion and it is happening right now. With every ending there is always a new beginning. However, what the beginning is all about, is up to us to decide. Many slaves could survive the dead giant, and through this process learn that they don’t need the giant. Nevertheless, many a revolution has ended up in giving in to different fears and creating structures that freed us from our past but chained us to something we did not really want. It is highly crucial to create out of the rubble a new consciousness that supports our divine and human need to be happy. This moment could be about creating systems and structures that support our inherent desires to be fulfilled while providing the supports for others to feel the same. This is a tremendous opportunity to start from scratch and create with our true heart’s desires for the quality of life we really want, that is if we can remember what that is!

Quite a few of my fellow coaches, facilitators and I feel that this is the best time for revolutionary change that would benefit the whole planet. However, it is also the right circumstances for re-creating other frightful scenarios. I hope that we all find the awareness required to make significant changes that will bring us back to our true humanity. In other words, I hope that we somehow find a way to live without a giant, that we can come up with our own creative solutions to express our sovereignty and our true inner leadership, so that we do not continue being chained to petty illusions.

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