Monday, June 14, 2010

Now What?

So, I am spiritual, now what?  Sometime in the process of awakening, you are faced with the question of now what do I do?  I know better, I understand that there is something out there or in here, wherever, that I am connected to, how does this knowledge help me?  And that is precisely where the issue lies.  If you find yourself swimming or drowning in this question, you are still in your head.  The moment it starts shifting from a brain-based knowledge to an experience-based knowledge is when you stop asking the question: now what?

We all know better, yet we still make the same mistakes, we fall for temptations and forget what really matters in life.  This is a perfect example of how just knowing something doesn’t mean you are going to act accordingly.
If you’ve read all the books and gone to all the workshops and you are still in a place where you feel stuck, it is time to put the learning into your experience.  Where in your body do you feel the knowledge and if you say I don’t feel anything, that’s further evidence that you are stuck in your thoughts or in your head.

True learning is not just about mental analysis.  If you want to know if you have truly learned something, you may want to ask yourself what happened in your life in the past 3-5 months that mirrored what you have learned?  True and complete learning is about integration and melding for shifts in consciousness to occur.

To help you get un-stuck, please ponder these questions: If nothing seems to be moving, where exactly do you think or feel you are stuck?  If you were un-stuck, what would that feel or look like?

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