Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live Like an Artist

I heard somewhere that when you are an artist, you look at everything differently. For me, it is all about capturing that moment of surprise or delight on paper. Even though it is not an exact representation of the experience, it is an expression stemming from that experience. It is like rewinding the moment you fell in love with someone over and over again, except it is all new. So, yes, you look at everything differently. You walk through life aware that at any moment you could fall in love with the brightest shade of green you’ve ever seen, and as a result everything in your life will have more depth and meaning.

It’s about going deeper and deeper into the experience of life with fresh eyes and an open heart. It’s about being like a child, innocent and without expectations, deeply curious, and fearless to a fault. The only difference is that as an adult you know the bad, you’ve played out the same scenarios enough times to have lost your curiosity, and you’ve been burned, so you know what to be afraid of. My wish for all of us for the New Year and beyond is to be like a child even though we think we know better, to experience life like an artist, prepared to fall in love over and over again. I hope we can still be curious and courageous without worries about consequences. I hope we can unfasten the security latch and go a little crazy.

Happy New Year! Thanks for your support, insights and sharing. Keep on creating, your masterpiece is still waiting for you!


Gabriela Abalo said...

An artist loves to create and experiment with things, that's why he/she looks at things differently, always searching for the other angle, the unseen one, the one that has a meaning for him/her, the one he/she wants to show to the world.
That is what I love to do through my flower pictures, to uncovered their beauty and show it to the world. During this process I have also learned to pay attention to the details, as not everything is at is seems.
I share your wish, from now own we shall walk through life painting like an artist and playing like a child ;-)

Love your article…as usual.


Sherry Bakhtian said...

Absolutely Gabi! Nothing is as it seems and this is only noticed with the eyes of a child and a heart wide open. Thanks!