Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The End of Drama

Why is it that we crave drama so much? Watching the latest news from Iran and the bloody images of people beaten and shot on the streets playing over and over on TV, on the internet and the social media networks is addictive. At first, I am shocked, then I am angry, then I want someone to pay for it, then I want to somehow to participate in it, then… What is this drama all about?

As an Iranian-American, I feel seduced to turn on the news to see what’s happened since the last time I tuned in. I am hoping that tyranny has been defeated, and yet, there is nothing new being reported. I see the same images over and over again, perhaps more details about Neda, they are making her into a symbol, they are trying to make it be even more dramatic by telling us that she was just a teenager, no, now she was 27 and engaged to be married, on and on they go. What is this all about and why am I so drawn to it?

I understand that the news agencies have to do their job, I understand that this is a really exciting event, I even understand that some people are really trying to help out the people in Iran by telling their story and keeping their story alive. What I do not understand and try not to buy into is the manipulation, the hype, the drama. And the reason I don’t want to buy into it is not because I think I am morally superior. It is because it is diverting from the bigger picture of what is indeed happening in the world. Getting sucked into the drama of death, martyrdom, revolution, and sacrifice distracts me from seeing what is happening from the highest point imaginable.

The world is changing, old structures are falling apart, people are empowered and this is just the beginning. From this vantage point, it is amazing and quite beautiful. From this vantage point, free from having to take any one side, feeling self-righteous, or demanding justice I can finally imagine what the new earth is that I am living on. I am free to see the potentials of a new world where we can connect almost instantaneously with each other, we can speak in the same language, and we can engage in productive and meaningful conversations regardless of our age, race, education, nationality, profession, religion, or wealth. From this vantage point, I can see that people do eventually wake up and speak their truth and their voice will be heard. From this sacred place, I decide to turn off the TV and trust the smile that is beginning to form on my face despite the tears in my eyes. I walk away from the drama feeling whole and blessed to be alive at this time in history.


Gabriela Abalo said...

Dear Sherry,
Love your post.. as it express exactly how I feel. I stopped complete watching TV or reading news papers.. I refuse to be contaminated with their manipulation... and that does not mean I'm indifferent to what is happening around me... on the contrary I'm concern but also aware that this change is necessary as we move towards "a new earth". Then I choose to sent love and healing to earth and every living creature.

Sherry Bakhtian said...

Thank you Gabi, to be quite honest I was a little afraid speaking about this. There are a lot of raw emotions out there on this topic. But I had to remind all of us that there is a direction we are all headed for and to not forget the destination.